People Aren’t All They Seem to Be

You think you know someone until you don’t.

It’s always made me a little crazy to think you only know as much as someone tells you about them selves, essentially meaning you really don’t know them at all. You only know the person they portray themselves to be, who they want you to believe they are.

Just think how different you act with certain people; your co workers don’t get to see the personal side of you, and your significant other doesn’t get to see how you are at work or how you are when you’re alone, when you’re in public and have to act accordingly, etc. They say first impressions are everything and sometimes we try a little too hard to keep our image of that perfect first impression.

The funny thing about life is that it is ever changing, just like people.

You can help a friend through some of the hardest times,
You can listen to the never ending cycle of her complaining and crying about her stupid “boyfriend,”
You can talk about the most personal of subjects and think you’ve found your other half,
You can talk about life and think you have it all figured out and that you’ll be friends forever,
But at the end of the day do you really know their demons; their deepest, darkest secrets? Do you know how they react in emergencies, or in disasters? Fight or flight? Do they get violent? Do they freeze?

The truth is you never know who anyone is. I mean for god’s sake people are married to murderers and never know it.

I’m reminded every now and then to not be so trusting and as some would say, “naive.” Today was one of those days.

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