HP What?

This past June, I was diagnosed with high risk HPV. As the one and only Ali Wong describes it in a lighter way, 50% chance I’m fine, 50% chance I’m going to die. Always look at things glass half full right?

Anyhow, it took some time and countless hours of research to really learn all I could about HPV. My life changed this past June, and it will probably continue to change as this progresses. If you do the bare minimum of research on this, you’ll learn it’s medically impossible to determine when you were infected, by who, and ultimately how long you have been infected. Hence why pap-smear’s and regular pelvic exams are oh so important. You’ll learn that basic lifestyle changes can potentially eliminate your chances of this turning into Cancer. Basic diet change, fitness, and of course quitting smoking all will contribute to helping prevent the hellish disease.

I learned that although relatives have passed from cancer and it runs heavily in the family, this is a specific cancer that is not genetic. My world is crashing a little harder each day, realizing the true fact that sex has potentially ruined the future I have always dreamed of. This has taken a toll on me.

My entire life I have wanted kids, but it has always been in the back of my mind that I wont be able to. There is no treatment for this, but in many cases your body can fight it off within about 2 years. I guess only the universe knows how this will turn out, but I have never been so scared. Soon it’ll be time to do a re-check, and all I can do is hope for the best.

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