Marley and Me

Marley came into my life on an impulsive decision.

I kept putting off adopting a pup thinking how will I afford it? What if I’m a bad mom? How will I train her? I’m not home enough.

Well Marley, the second I saw you all my fears melted and I decided we’re just gonna figure it out day by day and I think we’ve done a damn good job. We’re both still alive right?

The bond between human and dog is uexplainable. You know when you see a dog and think “ew he’s stinky, I would never let that thing in my house!” Or “oh my gosh he is so untrained!!” Sometimes even “that lady shares her ice cream cone with her dog, gross!!” Well, turns out my dog may be one or two or all three of those to someone but I am guilty for allowing the face licks, sharing ice cream cones, and letting her have her way sometimes.

Marley has turned out to be my biggest blessing. Since her debut into my life, I’ve made better decisions all around. Yes I’m one of those dog owners whose world revolves around caring for my girl.

I am blessed to have this loving animal to come home to every single day. She is there when I’m ugly crying, when I’m sick, when I don’t feel like I can make it through the day, and when I look like I just rose from the zombie apocalypse. She doesn’t care about anything but giving me all the love in the world. She has made me feel whole, and given me a purpose.

She has forced me to get my lazy ass out of bed to go play, to be on a schedule for potty time and feed me time, and to be a better person.

Sometimes I hug her and choke back tears knowing she won’t be with me my whole life, but I promise to make hers the best.

We’re 1 year in to the best life you’ve ever had babygirl. Thank you for completing mine. 🖤

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