With Holiday’s upon us and all the stress that comes with it, on top of my medical diagnoses, my anxiety has gone through the roof and then some. I’d like to share some of my coping methods that don’t involve addictive prescriptions.

Since I was in my early teens I was diagnosed with chronic severe anxiety syndrome, chronic depression, and was put on a cocktail of meds. Needless to say I’ve tried countless anti-depressants and anti-anxieties and they all either dont work, make the symptoms worse, have other side effects that suck just as much as feeling crappy, or all around get me high and turn me into an emotionless robot.

First and foremost, I have my dog Marley. Above all, she keeps me from feeling lonely and loves me unconditionally. She keeps me busy and that eases my mind from wandering. She seems to sense when I don’t feel right and bothers for a walk or some park time. My anxiety is her anxiety.

Second, I’m not a fan of medication (prescriptions) or smoking weed. Weed if anything would put me into a full blown panic attack and that’s what I’m trying to avoid, obviously. I’ve found this miracle root that works wonders, and has multiple benefits for me. You can buy the root itself or the tablets from most super-food stores (Mother’s Market, Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc.) It’s called Velerian Root. As soon as I wake up I take two tablets, and like magic, my heart rate stays steady all day long. I still get the afternoon blues, and have my usual mood swings, but my anxiety is down to a minimum. I also take it if I can’t sleep. The best part is it’s all natural!!!

I’ve tested the waters with CBD, and while I love love LOVE the benefits, I don’t like the price. On days I just can’t stand the constant feeling of being in fear over absolutely nothing, I’ll eat a couple gummies. CBD also helps with pain management, I’ve taken it during painful episodes of ovarian cyst flare ups, and pretty much any other painful event that you’d typically take Advil or any other pain reliever for.

Lastly, breathe. I had to learn how to lock myself in a quiet place in my mind and tune out every outside sound and just breathe. I tell myself that I am the anxiety and I will not let it control any more of my life than it has. I turn anxiety into a person and teach myself to become it, and change it into something positive. Breathing is key, slow your breathing to slow your heart rate. If all else fails, I take a nap. Usually my anxiety has already drained me to all ends and I can fall asleep during an episode.

So there’s that and I hope this has helped someone. Remember, you can learn how to tame your anxiety, don’t let it control your life. Breathe, relax, breathe.

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